Tender loving care for your child by professional nannies

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Does the nanny speak English? Yes, all our nanny speak, write and read fluent in English.
  • Are the nannies trained in First Aid? Yes, our nannies are trained in EFR (Emergency First Responder for Adults, Baby and Child.
  • Are the nannies checked and trustworthy? Yes, our nannies are checked in child care and English language. They are fully trustworthy and you can leave your child with the nanny in free mind.
  • How does the payment go? On the day that the contract starts the rate has to be paid in full in cash and in Thai Baht currency only. 
  • If I only have Foreign currency, can i pay that also? Yes, it is possible, but we charge a Fee of 3%. Note that we not accept all currencies. US$, AU$, Euro are accepted.
  • Is the nanny entitled to have a day off during the contract? For a weekly contract you may give them a day off if you wish. If you have more weeks on a row or a monthly contract we ask to give the nanny a day of every 7th day.
  • If I need more then 8 hours a day, can the nanny stay longer? Yes, the nanny can stay longer, but we charge an over time Fee of THB. 200 and after midnight the Fee is THB. 250 per hour. We can do a maximum of 4 hours over time a day.
  • What work will the nanny do? The nanny will take care of your child like it is her own. We play, clean, swim, feed and do more things to make them happy and give them a good time. We are not a maid, but we clean the stuff used by the child like bottles etc. We also have a Sterilizer you can use.
  • Are all the nannies Thai? Yes, All the nannies are Thai National.
  • Do you have any references? Yes, Check out our Facebook Page. Here we have many reviews from satisfied guests and regular updates of our company. 
  • If you any other questions or you want more info, then please get in Contact with us.