Tender loving care for your child by professional nannies

Welcome to Nanny Samui Island

Nanny Samui Island is specialised in childcare for people who are on holiday on Koh Samui.

We provide nanny / babysitter service at your hotel or villa to take care of your children in their own surroundings. 

Playing with them and give them food, drinks and a lot of fun. 

We bring many times drawing paper or other things to play with your child.

All our nannies / babysitters are trained in the upmost care for your children. We have many returning customers who come back to Samui and ask for the same nanny they had before. We are proud on all of our nannies that they are doing a great job.  

They give the best service and love to the children as possible.
Read also our guestbook and see what our customers have to say about us.

See Koh Samui on a different level. 

Your children happy, then you are happy too. 

Nanny Samui Island Team, we will do the best to make your holiday unforgettable.

Feel free to contact us!

See you soon on our paradise island!

Why Nanny-Samui-Island?

  • Tender loving care
  • Trustworthy nannies
  • The nannies are trained in EFR/CPR
  • The nanny speaks fluent English
  • The nanny is reliable
  • The nanny is friendly and helpful
  • All nannies are passionate in their work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Nanny wears a proper uniform